At Maintain Cleaning Services we are devoted to exceeding our customer’s expectations in every manner possible,

guaranteeing you professionalism and a service held to exceptional standards.

Maintain Cleaning Services

  1. Jo bonner says:

    Great service very impressed, would definitely recommend.

  2. Kelly Ward says:

    Sean has done a superb job of cleaning our Sofa and patio. We will most definitely be using him again and would highly recommend.

  3. Jonny Tippen says:

    Sean cleaned 3 carpet bedrooms and my stairs. He done a fantastic job for a great price. I will be using him again and definitely reccomend

  4. Helen says:

    I contacted Sean about cleaning my living room carpet – he said just that one room wouldn’t meet their minimum fee so asked me if I wanted to add in my stairs and landing as well to make sure I got value for money. He turned up on time, was accommodating around my nervy dog and got the job done fast. It looks amazing. Very happy!

  5. David says:

    I have been trying call company from 8am today until now I have been totally ignored and have given up
    I saw his van parked on private property today and if that is how he parks I would hate to see the standard off his workman ship.
    I will use someone who provides better customer service

    1. Tim says:

      I too have had run ins with this company he parked on my private land and blocked staff and family from visiting me
      He was no where to be seen I phoned the police who are able to get a private company to tow him away
      This costs money but I’m now willing to pay really is a selfish bastard

  6. Eleanor says:

    Sean did a fantastic job of cleaning the carpet of our rental property when we moved out. He got stains out that were probably there when we moved in – definitely recommend Maintain for end of tenancy cleaning as they complete many different cleaning tasks including oven cleaning, at a very reasonable price.
    Very considerate and professional company to deal with, thankyou

  7. Lynn lyy says:

    Before contracting this company i read reviews and actually commented to Sean about negative comments. This was blamed on an employee. Stupidly i still employed, on an empty property end of tenancy clean on which 25% paid in advance as requested. I have all train of correspondence – failed to send anyone on contracted day (eventually said failed transport of employees). Someone turned up and cleaned carpets late the following evening. Caught out as i had family who could visit property. Team of 2 or 3 turned into 1 poor girl (48 hrs later) who could never complete the job on own in 1 day. Was told someone (assume Sean) would visit property and finish between 6am and 8am a full 48 hrs after contracted. I emailed to leave job and key at property 2 days after contracted. As others above would not answer telephone to me but strangely a nephew who had employed him – he picked up call to thereafter. This was my mistake – read reviews. I did find really good contractor who required no money in advance and my faith in a good contractor has been restored.

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