Our Services

End of Tenancy Carpet and Upholstery Cleans

When your tenancy comes to an end, a thorough clean up operation is usually required so the landlord can have it spick and span for new tenants. Hence our streamlined end of tenancy cleaning that combines our dry and steam cleaning to tackle stains, ingrained dirt, dust build up, finger prints and impermanent discolouration. Also suitable for after renovations and long vacancies, our cleaning team operate a swift and affordable service to get your property looking fresh again – contact us today to book your clean now. Estate agents will be given great discounts upon regular use of our services.

Stain Protection

Nothing is worse than getting a stain on something in your home and not being able to remove it, and you may find that you need to replace the item completely, which can be rather costly. Instead, you should make the most of our stain protection service. By thinking about these things in advance, you can be sure that you are protecting your property to the best of your ability. Our team are able to use the ideal products to protect the items in your home that mean the most to you – and that means that you can enjoy your life without worrying about damage that could be caused. It is an investment that is well worth making!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Using a variety of cleaning methods and the latest technology our professional cleaners will remove any deep rooted dirt, dust and stains from your carpet, restoring colour and removing any odours. Whether you live in a house or flat our use of dry, hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning and other specialist techniques can remedy any clean and we guarantee this all done with non aggressive techniques and eco-friendly products to prevent permanent damage to the carpet or health risks to occupants. So if you are in need of a hassle-free and cost-effective carpet clean, then get in touch today for more information.

Patios & Driveways

Our patios and driveways can draw a lot of attention, and you would be amazed at the difference it can make when they are cleaned. While you might not want to spend all day using the jet washer – if you even have one – our team are more than happy to use their skills and experience to ensure that your driveways and patios are things that you can be proud of. This is a fantastic service that can completely transform the way the outside of your home looks, so get in touch to find out what we could do to help you.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We offer a complete office and commercial service for carpet and upholstery cleaning, using both steam and dry cleaning to maintain appearances and prevent deterioration. Equipped with the latest in professional equipment and using only non-toxic, eco-friendly detergents we provide a powerful vacuum, spot and stain removal, and extraction finished with deodorization to accommodate for any requirements you need in commercial carpet cleaning. No matter the scenario our technicians will know the treatment for you – so give us a call today and have our cleaning team in and out before you know it.

Pesticide Spraying

Nothing is worse than putting lots of effort into keeping your garden or allotment looking great – only to find that your plants and vegetables are damaged by something eating them. If this is something that you have struggled with in the past, then you could well find that our pesticide service is exactly what you need. Our spraying service can help to keep everything in your garden safe from harm, and this means that you will be able to enjoy everything that you have grown. It is better to be safe than sorry, so get in touch with a member of our team for more information about what we could do for you.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are precious and any deep clean demands a careful approach using the right products to ensure no lasting damage. Handmade rugs, traditional knotted rugs, machine made rugs, wool rugs, acrylic rugs – our cleaners in-depth knowledge of dry and steam cleaning will guarantee you a solution totally customised to your needs, removing any stains, ingrained dirt and dust, using eco-friendly pH solutions unique to your rugs requirements. Call us today and one of our team would be happy to arrange your professional rug clean immediately.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Over time, you may find that your carpet starts to look a little grubby. This isn’t surprising when you consider the amount of traffic that might pass through each room in your home – and luckily there is something that you can do about it. Our carpet dry cleaning service is the ideal option to take, and can freshen your carpet up and give it a new lease of life just when you need it. Our equipment and products provide the best possible service, and the team are happy to work with you to give you just what you need – so get in touch today to find out more.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery regularly picks up stains, dust and other pollutants, leaving it looking unkempt and on its way out. Luckily our cleaning technicians come equipped with state of the art machinery and products to take care of any clean needed, using high pressure steam or dry techniques to rejuvenate your upholstery. It may be your sofa, arm chair or mattress – with one short phone call our team will be at your doorstep, fully prepared and ready to start your unique clean, so get in touch today to find out more.

Spot Stain Removal

If your carpet is generally clean, but you just have one or two problem areas, then you may not want to go to the trouble of having the whole thing cleaned. If this is the case for you at the moment, then our spot stain removal service could be just what you need. We are able to focus on the key areas and remove stains – without making them look obviously out of place with the rest of the carpet. You are sure to notice the difference, so for those stubborn stains that have been annoying you for ages, our services are ideal. Simply get in touch to see what we could do for you.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are often forgotten when it comes to a thorough clean, but they can gather dust, dirt and harmful bacteria like anything else. Using specialised solutions and powerful extraction techniques our cleaners will service your curtains, giving special attention to the fabrics specific needs. Whether you have panel curtains, cafe curtains, sheer curtains or pleat curtains our non-toxic cleaning methods provide a deep clean without damage to the material or colour, removing pollutants and any dust mites that might be present. For a clean home or commercial space you can be sure that our team will have the perfect treatment, so speak to a member today to start your plan right away.

Insecticide Treatments

If you have an insect problem in your carpet, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without having the right kind of help on hand. Our insecticide treatment service works in an ideal way for your needs, leaving you with clean carpets completely free from insects at the end of the process. Nobody should have to struggle with an insect problem in their home, and our experts have all of the knowledge and skills to help you get rid of them. For more information about exactly how we could help you, just get in touch today to speak to one of the team.

Mattress Cleaning

Keeping your mattress clean is essential for health reasons and those with common skin conditions and allergies such as eczema and asthma often suffer flare ups as a result of unclean fabrics in a room. As such, we deploy an intensive cleaning routine encompassing stain removal, steam cleaning and deodorization, all configured to avoid any unnecessary damage to your mattress without affecting the final results. So if you have a mattress that needs cleaning, but are worried about compromising the fabric, then fear not as our fully qualified technicians will be sure of the right treatment for you – speak to one of them today for more information.